Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just for Fins by Tera Lynn Childs

Life is looking up for Lily Sanderson (AKA Waterlily, Crown Princess of Thalassinia). She bonded in name only with Tellin so she can still be with Quince, her human boyfriend. Lily and Tellin bonded to save his kingdom. A meeting of the monarchs of all the mer kingdoms leaves Lily distraught. The environmental problems that plague Tellin's kingdom are also harming other kingdoms. Lily and her friends (both human and mer) work diligently to provide aid to the endangered kingdoms. In the meantime, Calliope, mer couples counselor extraordinaire, is back. An ancient law requires Quince to undergo three tests before he and Lily can truly be together.

What I thought: Just for Fins was a very interesting story. The environmental parts were fascinating. I wonder how well we would care for the oceans and seas if there were human life in them. The chemistry between Quince and Lily was just right. Not a patch on Forgive My Fins but better than Fins are Forever. I liked seeing Lily grow as a character as she assumed her role as crown princess. Since the dust jacket is calling this a series and not a trilogy, I'm hopeful that there will be another book.

Any other fans of Tera Lynn Childs' Fins series out there? Have you found other books that have couples who exhibit the same chemistry as Quince and Lily? I'm always looking for another good book.

(Katherine Tegen, 2012)

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