Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Life Size Chutes & Ladders

After the success of my other life size game events (Clue, Candy Land, & Sorry), I decided to try another this past summer.

Inspired by fabulous librarian bloggers (Amy, Anna, Anne, Kelly, & Laura), I chose to do Life Size Chutes & Ladders.

Setup was easy (not as easy as Sorry, but a lot easier than Clue). My supplies included paper (8.5 x11) in 4 colors, packing tape, masking tape, and yarn. I printed arrows on the paper, taped them down on the carpet. I used masking tape to make the ladders and yarn to make the chutes. (Full disclosure: I had a teenage cousin staying with me who helped with setup.)

Game play was simple. We used the die I made for Clue. As they finished the game, teens got to choose a prize. Boxes of movie candy are ever popular.