Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Life Size Sorry for Teens

After we had such fun with Life Size Clue last fall, I knew I wanted to do another life size game in the summer.

I was inspired by this picture and also this one on Pinterest to host Life Size Sorry for my teens.

I went low cost and low tech with the layout. The Sorry game board was much easier to set up than the Clue board was. I always turn the game board into a table in Microsoft Word. It makes it easier for me to gather my supplies and lay the board out.

The game board itself was pieces of cardstock (8.5x11). The slides I marked using circles, rectangles, and triangles of construction paper. The start bays, safety zones, and homes were all made using construction paper.

Pawns were made by blowing up a clipart image from clker.com and coloring them. Ideally, I wanted 4 pawns and 1 captain for each color. The pawns move and the captain draws the cards and directs them. We ended up with just enough teens to have the pawns. I drew the cards for all colors and they decided amongst themselves how to move.

Prizes were boxes of movie candy.

This event was lots of fun and simple to set up. We played almost twice in two hours. I look forward to playing it again soon.

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