Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I Hatched! by Jill Esbaum

illustrated by Jen Corace

A killdeer chick hatches and spends the whole day getting to know his world.

Thoughts: The chick as the narrator is fun. You can feel his energy as he runs and runs some more. This will be a nice addition to my birds storytime. Lovely illustrations. I look forward to trying this out on my storytime kids.

Themes: Birds, Spring

(Dial, 2014)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Pigeon Needs a Bath! by Mo Willems

The Pigeon is back. This time instead of wanting something--like a bus, a hot dog, a later bedtime, a puppy, or a cookie--he doesn't want to do something: take a bath. But pigeon, are baths really that bad?

Thoughts:  Pigeon books are always crowd-pleasers. This one isn't as interactive as the others, but it is just as funny. I love his change of heart.

Themes: Bathtime

(Hyperion, 2014)

Monday, May 22, 2017

Maple by Lori Nichols

Named for a tree, Maple loves the tree her parents planted for her and her name. She sees her tree as a friend. Being friends with a tree turns out to be excellent training for becoming a big sister.

Thoughts: Such a sweet story. It reminds me of Sophie's squash. Lovely illustrations, especially the maple leaves.

Themes: Siblings, Friendship, Seasons, Trees

(Nancy Paulsen, 2014)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Extraordinary Jane by Hannah E. Harrison

Jane is a circus dog. There's only one problem. She doesn't have a talent.

Thoughts: A cute book. Perfect addition to my circus storytime. Beautiful illustrations--bright with good use of white space.

Themes: Dogs, Circus, Being Yourself

(Dial, 2014)

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Dream Animals: A Bedtime Story by Emily Winfield Martin

How do you get to dreamland? "Furred, finned, or feathered, your dream animal is waiting."

Thoughts: Dream Animals is a gorgeous book. I love the story and the illustrations. Emily Winfield Martin's style strikes me as fresh and new, but at the same time, it is also classic and vintage. I used this book for one of my stuffed animals sleepover and the kids were a bit too wiggly to appreciate it. I look forward to trying again and also recommending it to parents and friends. It's hard to pick a favorite illustration, but I like the elfin hollow and the mermaid tea. Would pair well with Red Knit Cap Girl and Dream Friends.

Themes: Animals, Dreams, Imagination

(Random House, 2013)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Baby Bear Counts One by Ashley Wolff

Baby Bear from Baby Bear Sees Blue returns. The season is fall and winter is on its way. Baby Bear counts all the animals as they prepare for winter.

Thoughts: As lovely as the first. I love the lino block illustrations. This would pair well with Denise Fleming's Time to sleep.

Themes: Numbers, Bears, Fall, Ready for Winter

(Beach Lane Books, 2013)

Thursday, May 18, 2017

How to Hide a Lion by Helen Stephens

What do you do when you find a lion in your playhouse? Hide him, of course! Only, lions are hard to hide.

Thoughts: An utterly charming tale of an unusual friendship. I love the illustrations, the wit, and the reference to The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr. I look forward to using this book in storytime soon.

Themes: Lions, Friendship

(Henry Holt, 2013)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sophie's Squash by Pat Zietlow Miller

illustrated by Anne Wilsdorf

Every kid has a favorite toy or friend. Sophie's is Bernice, a squash.

Thoughts: A wonderful story about love and friendship and vegetables. The illustrations are great. They show Sophie's vigor for life.

Themes: Friendship, Love

(Schwartz & Wade, 2013)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Henny by Elizabeth Rose Stanton

Meet Henny. She's a chicken, but she's not your average chicken. She has arms. Yes, just like humans have. Henny is not sure she likes being different. Or is she?

Thoughts: A lovely book a bout being different. Pair with For Pete's Sake by Ellen Stoll Walsh and Square Cat by Elizabeth Schoonmaker. Lovely pencil and watercolor illustrations with good use of white space.

Themes: Chickens, Being Different

(Paula Wiseman, 2014)

Monday, May 15, 2017

What's Your Favorite Animal? by Eric Carle & Friends

The title of this book is both a question and the subject of the book. Fourteen children's book illustrators answer the question with both an illustration and an explanation.

Thoughts: This is an inspiring book and I can't wait to use it for a program. I will share the book with kids possibly along with another animal book. After that, I will give them the time and materials to answer the question. Their answers would make a great bulletin board display. My favorite answers are Blue Carp (Peter Sis), Behold the Octopus (Nick Bruel), Duck (Jon Klassen), and Leopard (Lucy Cousins).

Themes: Animals, Elementary

(Henry Holt, 2014)

Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Book of Babies by Il Sung Na

This delightful picture book explores animal babies.

Thoughts: a nice story which incorporates facts. Lovely illustrations. I like his style. A Book of Babies would pair well with My First Day by Steve Jenkins & Robin Page.

Themes: Animal Babies

(Knopf, 2013)

Friday, May 12, 2017

Eye to Eye: How Animals See the World by Steve Jenkins

I think the title is this book's best description.

Thoughts: Fascinating and beautifully illustrated. Just what I would expect from Steve Jenkins. I love sharing his books when I do outreach in 1st and 2nd grade classrooms.

Themes: Elementary

(Houghton Mifflin, 2014)

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Big Bear's Big Boat by Eve Bunting

Illustrated by Nancy Carpenter

Now that Big Bear is too big for his little boat and has given it to Little Bear, he sets out to make a bigger boat. The only trouble is all his friends have advice to give. Big Bear soon realizes that sometimes it's best to be true yo your dreams.

Thoughts: What a charming story! The illustrations are just right--soft yet vibrant. Big Bear's Big Boat would pair well with The Pigs' Picnic by Keiko Kasza and Monkey Face by Frank Asch.

Themes: Bears, Boats, Advice

(Clarion, 2013)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I'm a Frog! by Mo Willems

Piggie has done it again. That is to say, she's upset Gerald yet again. This time by being a frog. What if he turns into a frog, too?

Thoughts: Too funny. I love Gerald's exaggerated reactions to Piggie's pretending. This would be a great book to add to my animal sounds storytime.

Themes: Elephants, Pigs, Animal Sounds, Imagination

(Hyperion, 2013)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Brimsby's Hats by Andrew Prahin

Brimsby the hatmaker is content. He makes hats, his friend makes tea, and they chat. But one day,his friend goes away and Brimsby is all alone. He sets out to find new friends.

Thoughts: Such a lovely story. I love the ingenuity of Brimsby. He isn't content to be alone so he finds (and helps) new friends. Lovely, detailed illustrations. My favorite is the birds inside their new homes.

Themes: Friends, Hats, Birds, Tea

(Simon & Schuster, 2014)

Monday, May 8, 2017

The Very Big Carrot by Satoe Tone

Six little rabbits find one very big carrot. What should they do with it?

Thoughts: Too funny! I can hear my storytime kids shouting "Eat it!" through all the rabbits' fantastic suggestions.

Themes: Carrots, Vegetables, Rabbits, Imagination

(Errdmans, 2013)