Friday, August 29, 2014

Flannel Friday: Clifford, Clifford, Where's Your Bone?

This an inspired by Flannel Friday post. I was looking for a flannel board to add to my Clifford storytime back in March and came across Erin's idea for Clifford, Clifford, Where's Your Bone? Erin used laminated pieces for her flannel board and I decided to go with felt.

I edited a coloring page to use as a pattern for the dog houses. I borrowed the following items to hide under the dog houses:

Like Erin, I asked the kids as we uncovered each item if Clifford could eat it. The first time around I matched the color of the doghouse to the item hidden under it. The kids caught on quick and I had to mix things up!

Kathryn has the round up this week.

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