Friday, April 19, 2013

#FlannelFriday: "Chook, Chook, Chook, Chook, Chook"

In honor of National Poetry Month, here's another nursery rhyme that I've turned into a felt set. This time around it's "Chook, Chook, Chook, Chook, Chook." Here are the words:

Chook, Chook, Chook, Chook, Chook,
Good morning, Mrs. Hen.
How many chickens have you got?
Madam, I've got ten.
Four of them are yellow,
And four of them are brown,
And two of them are speckled red,
The nicest in town.

I used coloring sheets as templates for both the hen and chicks. The details are puff paint. You could use this set for several story time themes: nursery rhymes, chickens, farm animals, colors, and numbers.


Miss Courtney said...

Thank you for sharing this week. Your chicks are adorable.

Bridget R. Wilson said...

Thank you!