Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hunger Games Trilogy Party for Teens

This event was a request by my teens. They like fandom events and I aim to please.

Pinterest was a tremendous help in planning this event. Check out my Hunger Games Event board.

Upon arrival, teens helped themselves to refreshments and made up their own Hunger Games names using three different name generators I found online (details on my Pinterest board). The names were pretty awful, but it was fun.

Refreshments were themed. We enjoyed Peeta chips and dip, Prim's Goat (not really) cheese, a selection from the Mellark Bakery (bread, turnovers, and cupcakes), Finnick's Fish (goldfish crackers), Girl on Fire Red Hots, Coal cookies (oreos), and mini cornucopias (bugles).

While we were eating, I also gave teens a choice of Hunger Games Trivia or Jeopardy. They picked Trivia so I asked them a few questions while they finished up with their names and snacks.

After that we did two Cornucopia Challenges. Many thanks to the wonderful ladies at Amity Middle School for first coming up with these and then sharing them with the world. My teens loved this!

We also played quarterstaff which really just ended up being the teens hitting each other with pool noodles.

Other ideas I had but that we didn't have time for or the teens weren't interested in were knot tying, edible plant identification, sardines, Hunger Games Would You Rather, and Fire, Beast, Tribute.

I also did a Hunger Games Read-Alikes Display with booklist.

I kept the decor simple. The refreshment table with its foam flames was the most elaborate thing I attempted. The tables had the district symbols on them as a runner. I put a few quotes from the books and a couple of movie stills on the doors.


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