Monday, May 18, 2015

Frozen Party

This post is dreadfully overdue! In November, December, & January I held 5 Frozen parties at my 4 library branches. 137 children and 107 adults attended in total.

People are notoriously late to special events. Sometimes they are 15-20 minutes late and as such miss the story portion of the event. To counteract this, for the Frozen party, we did the craft first: painting snowflakes on black construction paper with a mixture of Epsom salts and water. I put the soundtrack on and as the kids finished painting they could sing along.

For the story portion of the party, I read An Amazing Snowman by Barbara Hicks. We also made a snowman on the flannel board.

Then we played a group game: Elsa vs. Anna (basically a Frozen version of red light, green light) and I released them to the other game stations.

Pin the Nose on Olaf

Feed Sven 

Snowball Toss

After everyone had played all the games, they ice skated indoors with wax paper while I prepared the snack. We had Olaf Arms (pretzel sticks), Warm Hugs (Hershey's Hugs), Snowballs (mini marshmallows), True Love's Kisses (Hershey's Kisses), Promises Kept (Dove Promises), and Frozen Punch (Blue Hawaiian Punch & Sprite).

We also had a photo booth so parents could take pictures. Everyone got snowflake stickers and I gave away Frozen puzzles (from Dollar Tree) as door prizes.

These are just the ideas that I found that I could use. I have a HUGE Frozen Pinterest board.

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