Friday, January 11, 2013

#FlannelFriday: Let's Make a Snowman

This week my story time theme was snowmen. I knew I wanted to do a "make a snowman activity" on my flannel board. I thought I'd seen a similar post, but as it wasn't about snowmen I can't seem to find it.

I wanted my snowman body big. I used an entire piece of 9x12 white felt. Then I made the usual eyes, noes, mouth, hat, scarf, arms, and buttons.


But then the fun began. I made different options for each part.

For the eyes, I also made blue human eyes and cat eyes (which have since been called snake, frog, Grinch, creepy, and scary).

For the nose, I made a pig snout, a red reindeer nose, a chicken beak, an elephant trunk, and a man's nose with a mustache.

For the mouth, I made a beaver's mouth, a lady's mouth, and a donkey's mouth. 

For the hat, I made a chef's hat, a beret, a fedora, a cowboy hat, a toboggan, a kettle, and a party hat.

For the scarf, I also made a bow tie and a bandana.

For the arms, I also made muscle man arms and crab arms.

The kids really had fun telling me yes or no when I put an option on the snowman. Of course, I started with the zany ones and ended with the traditional.


Anne Clark said...

I SHALL STEAL THIS (for my winter storytime!)

Jane said...

This is hysterical. So clever. Since I have no white felt at this moment - I will need to start with the accessories. Thanks for the idea ~ jane

Bridget R. Wilson said...

Thanks, Anne and Jane. Forgot to mention that I used Microsoft Office clipart for the patterns.

Lisa said...

This would also be great for leaving out for the kids to play with (I am just thinking that my nieces would love this).

Jen said...

What a brilliant flannelboard idea!

And the headwear! The lobster claws!

Must make this ASAP!