Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Cup & The Crown by Diane Stanley

Sequel to The Silver Bowl

Molly is now a lady...a reward for saving the young prince from an evil plot. Her elevated status doesn't stop her visions. In her dreams, Molly sees a cup. When the king (the former prince) asks her to find him a loving cup made by her grandfather, Molly isn't surprised. With her friends Winifred and Tobias, she journeys first to Austlind and then to the hidden city of Harrowsgode where she finds much more than a loving cup.

What I thought: The Cup & The Crown was a riveting read. It's fast-paced and filled with both action and peril. This book can be enjoyed without reading the previous book. Molly remains a wonderful heroine. I loved seeing her grow and mature in her second book. The descriptions of Harrowsgode were gorgeous. Who would expect such beauty to hide such treachery? (Wait! Didn't the same thing happen in The Silver Bowl?) The new characters introduced in this book were great. I especially like Molly's cousin. Medieval fantasy fans will love The Cup & The Crown. I would also give this title to historical faction fans.

(Harper, 2012)

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