Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Silver Bowl by Diane Stanley

Molly's life changes for the better when she's sent to work at the castle. Though only seven years old, Molly understands and heeds her mother's advice--don't react to the visions you have. You'll only draw unwanted attention to yourself. That's right--Molly has visions and usually not happy ones. After a time, she becomes assistant to the Gentleman of the King's Silver. While polishing a silver bowl, Molly receives visions that reveal a plot to annihilate the royal family. With the help of her friend Tobias, Molly rescues Prince Alaric from an attack. But you can't run from a curse forever. Can Molly find the source before it's too late for the prince?

What I thought: This book hooked me from the first few lines. My preference for first person point-of-view grows. Molly is a great narrator (This book would pair well with Alchemy & Meggy Swann.) The story line was unique and I kept guessing until the end. The villain was unexpected. Overall, an excellent medieval fantasy.

(Harper, 2011)

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