Thursday, January 24, 2013

Princess of the Silver Woods by Jessica Day George

This is Petunia's story. Youngest of the twelve sister princesses, she remembers less of the horrors of their dancing curse. Sent to visit a grand duchess, Petunia is kidnapped (albeit accidentally) by Oliver, leader of a band of thieves and by rights an earl. Of course, he sees Petunia safely to her intended destination, but he's less than enthusiastic to leave her there. Something evil lurks on the grand duchess's estate. Soon they all realize it's the old curse. King Understone is making one last attempt to secure brides for his sons.

What I thought: Very interesting story. I was eager to read the last book in this series. Princess of the Silver Woods did not disappoint me. The connections to the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood" were slight which was good. It wouldn't do to overpower the main story. Oliver is quite an appealing hero. This book is filled with action, danger, and wit. I feel the need to re-read the previous two books.

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(Bloomsbury, 2012)

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