Friday, July 22, 2011

Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George

Two girls, one plot...

After being freed from the curse that made her dance every night away, Poppy is ready for a normal life. As normal a life as one that doesn't include dancing. Her life is anything but normal during her stay in Breton. Balls abound and Poppy continually refuses to dance. Instead, she plays cards. The arrival of Prince Christian of the Danelaw causes quite a stir among the ladies. Poppy enjoys Christian's company. Her enjoyment is thwarted by a plot that threatens both the prince and other men in Breton.

Eleanora, daughter of an earl, is now a housemaid. She's clumsy to a fault. Everything she touches is ruined. Eleanora sees no way out of her new life until the day she meets her godmother. The woman promises Eleanora beautiful dresses, balls to attend, and a prince to marry. But is there more to the bargain than that?

What I thought: I was not disappointed in this sequel to Princess of the Midnight Ball. I love how Jessica incorporated the Cinderella story into Poppy's. This book was suspenseful until the end. Roger was a great character--a levelheaded man of action. I think Poppy's brother-in-law Galen will like him. I love the descriptions of the dresses. The knitting was nice, but is it too much to ask for a crocheting heroine? I hope this series will continue. I really like the princesses. We know that Lilac and Orchid are in Spania and Hyacinth is in Analousia. Might their stories be next? The mythology behind the Corley was interesting. The ending (the last chapter, to be exact) was great.

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(Bloomsbury, 2010)

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