Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fathomless by Jackson Pearce

Celia is a triplet. Each sister has a gift. Jane sees the present. Anne sees the future. Celia sees the past. She finds it a useless gift until she meets Lo, a mermaid who can't remember her human life. Each day, Lo forgets more and more. Celia helps Lo remember who she once was. As always, a boy complicates things. Celia and Lo are both responsible for saving Jude. Celia wants to date him. Lo wants to kill him so she can regain her soul. Which girl will have her wish?

What I Thought: A dark finish to Jackson Pearce's fairy tale series. Fathomless is an intriguing story but I much prefer Sisters Red and Sweetly. There's less of a link between Fathomless and Sweetly. No characters from Sweetly make an appearance at all except in name only (Lo/Nadia's sister). This book definitely considers the other side of mermaids. Too many have accepted the Disney version. I haven't read Hans Christian Andersen's tale, but I know it doesn't have the happy ending the animated film portrays. Fathomless is well worth reading. The book will appeal especially to fairy tale fans.

(Little, Brown, and Company, 2012)

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