Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

One day, a wolf came to the gate. He looked like a man, but he was something much more terrible. Scarlett & Rosie March lost their grandmother to the wolf. Scarlett lost her eye protecting Rosie.

Seven years later, Scarlett and Rosie are hunters. Their prey--the Fenris, or werewolves. Aided by their friend and woodsman, Silas, the Sisters March seek to destroy the monsters that destroyed their lives.

The wolves' clans are gathering and merging to search for a Potential. Can Scarlett, Rosie, and Silas find him before the Fenris do?

What I thought: I think Jackson Pearce mat be taking the art of retelling fairy tales to a new level. Her version of the classic "Little Red Riding Hood" is inspired. Two heroines, a woodsman, the Fenris, and a modern setting create something special. I enjoyed the alternate points of view. I preferred Rosie's chapters to Scarlett's. Maybe because she had more outside interests. It would have been interesting to get Silas's point of view once in awhile, but I understand how that wouldn't quite work within the premise of the book (Sisters Red, not Sisters Red & Woodsman). The romance between Rosie and Silas was sweet. Scarlett's dedication to or obsession with killing the Fenris is intense. I enjoyed Sisters Red. Glad there's going to be a sequel/companion, Sweetly. It's due out in August. One last thought--I think this book would make a good movie.

I read Sisters Red for the Surlalune Book Club. See the discussion here.

(Little, Brown & Co, 2010)

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