Monday, January 31, 2011

Fancy Nancy: Poet Extraordinaire! by Jane O'Connor

Fancy Nancy has a new interest--poetry. She's studying it in school and compiling an anthology. She learns that many things are poetic including nursery rhymes and song lyrics. Nancy's foray into poetry leads to an experience with writer's block. She just can't find a subject for her poem. Or can she?

What I thought: With her normal enthusiasm, Fancy Nancy introduces her devoted fans to the art of poetry. I think this book is inspired. It introduces even younger readers to poetry. I like that Fancy Nancy not only reads but writes poetry. Her anthology collection is a great idea. As is her teacher's poet-tree. This book will pair well with all the great poetry books out there. Karma Wilson's What's the Weather Inside? is a great collection. Older readers will like Creech's Love That Dog and Hate that Cat, Woodson's Locomotion, and Spires' The Mouse of Amherst.

(Illus. Robin Preiss Glasser. Harper, 2010)

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