Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mirage by Kristi Cook

Sequel to Haven

Senior year at Winterhaven begins much more auspiciously for Violet than her junior year did. She has friends, a boyfriend, and is beginning to understand her gift. The only problem she and her vampire boyfriend Aidan face is the fact that she's a vampire slayer. Aidan continues to search for a cure for vampirism while Violet continues to develop her precognitive gift. Terrifying visions and supposed killer vampire only add to the tension.

What I thought: Another second book that I really liked! Maybe I'm losing my antipathy for sequels, Mirage had a lot going for it. Violet and Aidan's romance is only the start. New characters and problems keep the novel moving at a steady pace. It was interesting to find out more about Violet's slayer heritage. A definite surprise at the end--I so wasn't expecting that--and quite a cliffhanger ending.

According to Kristi Cook's website, the third and final book, Eternal, will be released Fall 2013.

(Simon Pulse, 2012)

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