Thursday, December 23, 2010

Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes by Beatrix Potter

First Published 1917
37 pages, 15 color illustrations

Move over, Mother Goose! Here are some delightfully original rhymes from one of the most beloved children's authors, Beatrix Potter.

The Rhymes: Appley Dapply, Cottontail, Mr. Prickle Pin, Old Woman in Shoe, Diggory Diggory Delvet, Gravy, Guinea Pig

The History Behind the Tale (Linder 225-239):
When F. Warne and Company first published Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter was eager to publish a book of nursery rhymes. Much planning and preparation went on in the next few years. The original Appley Dapply was to be in a larger format than Peter Rabbit and friends. Beatrix Potter's original 1905 manuscript contained 30 rhymes, 21 of which Norman Warne approved. As you know, Norman Warne died in 1905. His death devastated Beatrix. Appley Dapply fell to the wayside once again. It wasn't until 1917 that Beatrix Potter's thoughts turned again to nursery rhymes. Not feeling up to undertaking a whole new book, she offered her publishers Appley Dapply on a Miss Moppet size. The 1917 Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes contains only 7 of the original 30 rhymes.

My thoughts: A charming book. I love the new rhymes. I can tell that the illustrations were executed earlier in Beatrix Potter's career. They're soft and colorful, very reminiscent of Peter Rabbit. My favorite Rhymes are Mr. Pricklepin, the woman in the shoe, and Diggory Diggory Delvet.

Favorite Illustrations: Little black rabbit (21), Mr. Pricklepin (23), Old Woman in Shoe (24), Diggory Diggory Delvet (29), Guinea Pig Brushing Hair (33), Rabbits in snow (frontispiece)

I hope you've enjoyed my discussion of Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes. I wish you all a very happy Christmas! I'll be back next week to discuss The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse.

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