Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Roslyn Rutabaga & the Biggest Hole on Earth by Marie Louise Gay

One morning, Roslyn Rutabaga decides to dig the biggest hole on earth. She's hoping to make it to the South Pole and meet a few penguins. Delayed by an affronted worm, a grouchy mole, and a territorial Rosalyn doesn't quite make it to the Pole by lunch. However, she's not discouraged.

What I thought: A cute book. I like Roslyn's determination and her dad's support of her imaginative efforts. This book encourages creative play. I would pair it with Henke's My Garden for an imaginative story time. The illustrations are nice. I like the collage effect. My favorite is of Roslyn and her dad having lunch in her hole.

Story Time Theme: Imagination

(Groundwood Books, 2010)

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