Thursday, September 6, 2018

Titanic Program

I was inspired and borrowed from programs hosted by several awesome librarians.

My inspirations:
Jenni's Science Club: Titanic 
Abby's What Sank the Titanic? and Titanic at Your Library
Amy's Sink or Float: Titanic Edition
Pamela's I Survived Program

I really like the flow of Abby's What Sank the Titanic/ program. Like her, I read passages from Titanic: Voices from the Disaster by Deborah Hopkins and did activities from Titanic Science The Teacher's Guide.

Here's the basic outline of how the program went.
Read p. 16 (about the cat)
Buoyancy Activity (p. 5 of teacher's guide) [This failed miserably!]

Sink or Float Activity (p. 4 of teacher's guide)

Read pp.73-74 (impact)
Iceberg statistic & Making an Iceberg (pp. 10-11 of teacher's guide)
Read pp. 84-85 (damage)
Titanic Compartments demonstration with ice cube tray (Abby & Amy)

Build a Boat that Floats (p. 7 of teacher's guide, Jenni, Abby, Amy, & Pamela)

Book Display & Book List: Books About the Titanic

I think the kids most enjoyed building and testing their boats. Some of the kids knew more about the Titanic than I did. I would definitely do this program again.

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