Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Molly: An American Girl Party

My second ever American Girl even focused on Molly McIntire, a patriotic girl growing up during World War II. After I had selected Molly as the focus I found out that American Girl will be retiring her at the end of this year.

I started off the event by sharing some information from Welcome to Molly's World, 1944: Growing Up in World War Two America (Victory Style, Playtime in Wartime, Play Ball, & Movies).

After that we played a game suggested by the Molly Event Kit, Catch the Thief. This game reminded me of Doggy and the Bone. The girls really enjoyed it.

Before moving onto the craft portion of the event, I showed the girls the various displays I had set up around the room.

American Girl Books 
Books Set during World War II & Children's Books from the 1940s

Board Games & Card Games from the 1940s
Movies from the 1940s

I had two crafts for the girls to make: paint chip bookmarks and handmade greeting cards. I took my cue from Molly's Craft Book. It talked about children making useful things and using what they had.

While they were crafting we listened to some 1940s music, primarily Glenn Miller.

After the crafts, we had refreshments. Since going to the movies was one of the highlights of Molly's week, I decided to serve theater style refreshments. We had popcorn and candy. For the candy, I tried to only serve those created before or during the 1940s.

Before the girls left, I had them vote for the top three historical American Girls they would like to have an event on next. Kit, Caroline, Felicity, and Julie came in on top. I'll be doing Kit in the spring and I want to do Kaya next November to tie in with Native American Heritage Month.

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