Friday, December 13, 2013

Flannel Friday: Shark & Fish

I originally made this set (shark & 5 fish) because I was inspired by Jane's post. Then as I was planning a shark themed storytime I realized I didn't have that many great book options.

I decided to make a few additional pieces (seaweed, seashell, and rock) to retell "The Three Little Fishies and the Big, Bad Shark." I used the script from the 2009 CSLP summer reading manual and just used the bits that sounded like the Three little pigs. I used the patterns from the manual to make the fish and the shark. I free-handed the shark's mouth. I used clipart for the seaweed, seashell, and rock.

Kristen, Kristie, & Sue have the round up this week.

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Jane said...

Here we are... twelve days before Christmas and I am smiling when I discover you have a shark post! None of the holiday or winter stuff for Bridget! And then - I even get a shout out on your post! Thanks.
Happy Holidays. ~ jane

Bridget R. Wilson said...

You're very welcome, Jane. I'm actually have a couple of holiday felt sets in the works, but didn't get them done in time for the holiday round up.