Friday, November 1, 2013

Mouse & Friends Party

In October, I hosted a Mouse & Friends Party at two of my library branches. The party was all about Laura Numeroff's If You series.

The event started off with storytime. I read If You Give a Pig a Party because it introduces all the characters, those with books and without (Mouse, Moose, Pig, Cat, Dog, Rabbit, Fox, and Snake). Then we played with my If You Give... felt set.

After that I read If You Give a Moose a Muffin. I chose this title as it's good for the fall season. After reading that book, we wrote our own circular stories using a template I found online. The template wasn't perfect, but we had fun with it.

Then it was time for a group game or two. I had three options for the kids to choose from.

If You Give...Bingo (used the word list from my felt set and to create randomized order. I added clipart using Microsoft Word)

Musical Desserts (just like a cake walk, but using cookie, muffin, pancake, cupcake, & donut)

"Dog, Dog, Where's Your Donut?" (like Doggy, doggy, Where's your bone?)

After the group games, we did a craft: moose paper bag puppets. I found the idea here.

Following the craft, I releases the kids to the following stations:

Cookie Dice Game (find the idea here)

Moosey-Winks (find the idea here)

The Great Cookie Chase (an activity sheet from the MouseCookieBooks website)

We enjoyed refreshments. The kids could check out books from a Laura Numeroff & Other Circular Stories Book Display.

I sent the kids home with a packet of activity sheets from the MouseCookieBooks website (Decorate Your Own Cupcake, Make Your Own Donut, Dog's Memory Challenge, Help Pig Add Some Color to Her Party, and What's a Party Without Cake?)

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