Friday, October 18, 2013

Flannel Friday: If You Give a...

I created this set to use for my Mouse & Friends Party (a celebration of Laura Numeroff's If You series).

The first 16 pieces (animals & desserts/fruits) go along with Laura's books. I had to do a little guessing for the animals that don't have books yet (fox, rabbit, snake). The pieces are mouse, cookie, moose, muffin, pig, pancake, cat, cupcake, dog, donut, fox, fudge, rabbit, raspberry, snake, and sundae.

The other 14 pieces are just combinations I came up with. I tried to focus in on forest and farm animals. The pieces are owl, orange, frog, fig, bear, brownie, goose, gingersnap, turtle, truffle, ladybug, lemon, horse, and honeydew.

I used this set in various ways. For the first 16 pieces, I'd place the animal and have the kids guess the dessert. This was fun because the majority of the kids were familiar with the books. The last 6 pieces were fun...hearing the kids' predictions for the fox, rabbit, and snake.

With the other 14 pieces, we continued the guessing/suggesting. I also used these pieces to inspire the writing of our own circular story. Something I didn't do was let the kids change the pairings. Starting with If You Give a Moose a Muffin, Laura Numeroff has been alliterating her animals and desserts, but as she didn't with the first book, I think mixing things up would be both acceptable and fun.

Amy has the round up this week.

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