Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Reading Week 9

This week I had 18 events with a total attendance of 286.  This is the last week of story times and school age events. It's also the last week the day camps come to the library.

Here's a breakdown of the week:
  • 5 community story times
  • 4 community school age events
  • 6 day camp school age events
  • 2 movies
  • 1 special event (Alice in Wonderland Event)
This week the story time theme was Digging in the Flower Garden.  The school age event theme was In the Garden. I got sick at the end of last week so I had to modify my plans for this week. I tweaked a game from the CSLP manual and the kids had a make a gnome relay. They seemed to enjoy it.  The last Alice in Wonderland Event had a low attendance. I probably won't do any special events next summer. I'll be blogging about the Alice event within the next week or so. Reading logs were due this week. I'm still working the numbers, but it looks like sign-ups increased dramatically while completions decreased. It's a conundrum.

Next week is the 10th and final week of my summer reading program. I only have the community events (9) where I'll be presenting certificates and goodie bags as well as the grand prize drawing.

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