Monday, July 8, 2013

Kirsten, An American Girl Event

This event was for girls only ages 7-12. It had to be rescheduled because of inclement weather. I rescheduled it for the week after Spring Break. This wasn't a great time. Only 2 girls attended, but they had a blast.

First, I introduced them to Kirsten using the cover of her first book Meet Kirsten and selections from Welcome to Kirsten's World (toys, chores, school, games, and settler fashion). I brought a sunbonnet to show them and a recently retired staff member came dressed in frontier fashion.

We made button strings for our craft. We played Kitten in the Corner. This was a great game perfect for playing indoors. I know I'll be using it again.

I had a table set up with a string games display. I showed the girls how to make a cup and saucer and the Eiffel Tower. Jacob's Ladder was a little harder for them to learn.

We ended the event with refreshments, gingersnaps and lemonade.

I had a display of American Girl books as well as Kirsten read-alikes (pioneer and frontier life).

I have better success with attendance at this branch in the Fall so I'll definitely be planning another American Girl Event then. I may use Molly or Kit.

Because of the small turnout, I skipped several activities: the icebreaker activity, mini mystery, and I have a basket game. The first two are from the Kirsten Event Kit. The third is from The American Girls Party Book.

I apologize for the lack of pictures. I didn't get to take any of the set up.

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