Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Angry Birds™ Live Event

The first inspiration for this event came when I saw National Geographic Angry Birds: 50 True Stories of the Fed Up, Feathered, and Furious by Mel White in a Scholastic Book Fair at one of my branches. I decided then and there to have an Angry Birds event that would pair nonfiction with the ever popular game.


 After that I started finding other librarians' Angry Birds™ programs including Bryce Don't Play, The Show Me Librarian, Teen Librarian Toolbox, PUBYAC, & Future Librarian Superhero.

Several of my ideas also came from Pinterest. Check out my Angry Birds Event Pinterest board for more inspiration.

To start the program, I asked the kids why the birds are so angry. Of course they told me because the pigs had stolen their eggs and planned to eat them. We then went on an egg hunt in the children's section. Finder of the most eggs received an Angry BirdsColoring and Activity Book.

After the egg hunt, I shared from the National Geographic book: the different levels, the Angry Birds, and a few real angry birds (Northern Cardinal, Canada Goose, and Blue Jay).

After sharing the book, it was time to play a life size version of the game. I had been saving flat pieces of cardboard for months and had a plethora of paper towel roll tubes from past crafts. We used wadded up sheets of green paper as pigs. Our projectiles were rubber ducks, small bouncy balls, Ping-Pong balls, and practice golf balls.

Depending on the number of kids, they either formed teams or worked individually. I borrowed the idea of levels from Bryce over at Bryce Don't Play. I challenged the kids to build 5 different structures. The first was one level high, the second two, and so on. After successfully building and destroying the five levels, they received the ultimate challenge: to build and destroy the largest structure possible.

Once everyone finished the game, we used an activity sheet from Expressive Monkey to draw our own Angry Birds. I also had photo props for the kids to ham around with (beaks & eyebrows). I found the patterns on The Party Animal Blog.

To end the event, we had snacks (Angry Bird fruit snacks, Angry Bird Cheese Nips, and Kool-Aid), I gave out packets of Angry Bird Coloring sheets, and the kids could check out books from a Nonfiction bird book display.

I did this event twice this spring. A total of 32 kids and 26 adults attended. I'll definitely be using this event again in the future.

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