Friday, December 14, 2012

#FlannelFriday: Where's the Duck? Game - Winter Version

Back in September, I posted about my pumpkins which morphed into a Where's the Duck? Game inspired by Pumpkin Trouble by Jan Thomas. The kids loved playing the game so much we never got to the "Five Little Pumpkins" rhyme.

Last week, I did a cookies themed story time and had crocheted cookies on my magnet board. One three year old enthusiastically shouted duck every time I removed a cookie. I decided it was time to bring the duck back.

I wanted to do a winter version of the game that I could use at Christmas story time and beyond. I decided to do an evergreen ( or Christmas) tree with snow on the branches. I used Microsoft Clipart for the tree pattern, but you could easily free hand it.

I did the snow in two steps because I wanted it to really look like snow. I drew the outline of the branches with white puff paint and then pulled the paint upward with a craft stick. I was definitely having a Bob Ross happy little tree moment.

 After that dried, I filled in all the areas with a lot more puff paint.

And here's the duck in case you missed my pumpkin post.


Library Quine said...

This is a lovely variation. Your duck's a cutie too!

Bridget R. Wilson said...

Thanks, Library Quine!