Monday, August 6, 2012

SRP Week 7 Reflection

Only 1 more week to go! This week, I presented 16 programs with an attendance of 182.

The bedtime preschool story time went well. Interrupting Chicken is one of my favorite books to read aloud. My felt version of the poem "Goodnight Mummy" by Roger Stevens (from Switching on the Moon...will be my #FlannelFriday post on August 17) was a big hit with the kids. I couldn't find a coloring sheet to go with the bedtime theme so I made my own. I typed the words "My Quilt" and added a 4 column by 5 row table in a word document. The kids can then use the sheet to color and design their own quilts.

It was hard to find books that were scary, but not too scary for the Shivery Bedtime Stories school age event. The Book that Eats People came the closest, but I still wasn't happy with the books or the kids' reactions. The craft was a hit. It's been a long time since I made coffee filter ghosts.

I was very excited about the Tween Night Themed Paper Crafts events. I used Pinterest heavily to find ideas for the event. The only money I had to invest was on some scrapbook paper. Everything else, I either had at the library or I could bring from home. It wasn't a hard event to prepare for. I just had to gather the supplies and make copies of the patterns and instructions. The day dawned bright, the event was a bust. No one showed up. It was the tax free weekend in my state. I suppose everyone was too busy with school shopping to come to the library. Never fear! I'll use the ideas here and there, so it won't be a total waste.

The Teen After Hours Party was a rousing success. We had 8 teens attend and I think a good time was had by all. I didn't have a set agenda in mind. I let the teens vote on the movie and game. I then asked them what they wanted to do first. Eat, of course. I had leftover supplies from the Edible Crafts event at another branch, so we also made owl cupcakes and Oreo bats while we snacked. Playing Name 5 on teams was fun. Some of the questions we couldn't answer, but we had fun. The top 3 movie choices were The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Inkheart, and Prince Caspian. We made popcorn and also enjoyed the snacks from the start of the event. At the end of the night, I pressed Fall schedules into all their hands. I'm hoping our fall teen events do as well as the After Hours Party did.

The last Stuffed Animal Sleepover was a slight disappointment. I only had 1 little boy show up. Nevertheless, I did story time and took pictures afterward. Here's a link to the pictures.

Next week will be hectic because reading logs are due. I have certificates and gift certificates to hand out as well as drawing for the prizes in each age group. I can't say I'm sorry for Summer Reading to be ending. I'm ready for a break!

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