Monday, April 9, 2012

The Frogs & Toads All Sang by Arnold Lobel

Before he became famous for his Frog & Toad books, Arnold Lobel wrote and illustrated this collection as a gift for friends. Discovered in late 2008, Lobel's daughter Adrianne knew it needed to be published. She added the color to the illustrations herself. In ten poems, we get a glimpse of the young Arnold Lobel.

What I thought: I loved it! I enjoyed The Frogs and Toads All Sang as much as Odd Owls and Stout Pigs. In fact, I'd like to read all of Lobel's work. The poems are fun and the illustrations are just right. Adrianne did a great job on the color. My favorite poems are "The Frogs and Toads All Sang," "Polliwog School," "Made for Toads," "There Was a Frog," and "One Summer Night." My favorite illustrations are dancing and driving.

(Color by Adrianne Lobel. Harper Collins, 2009)

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