Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Around the World in 100 Days by Gary Blackwood

You know the story. You've likely seen the movie. You might have read the book. Yes, you've heard about Phileas Fogg and his quick 80 day trip around the world. A few years later (1891 to be exact), Fogg's seventeen-year-old son Harry has made a wager much like his father did. Drive his automobile (steam powered, of course) around the world in 100 days. What's a stake? £6,000 and Harry's freedom to be a tinker. His traveling companions: his friend Johnny, slow with people, but fast with machines; Charles, son of one of the betters; and Elizabeth, a newspaper reporter. Will they make it around the world in 100 days? Only time will tell.

What I thought: A fun, action packed book. A hint of steampunk that can't go wrong. The characters were great. I liked the interjection of Charles' journal entries and Elizabeth's dispatches. This book will appeal to both guys and girls who crave adventure filled books. Fans of Oppel's Airborn series will like Around the World in 100 Days.

(Dutton, 2010)

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