Monday, May 23, 2011

Wish I Might by Coleen Murtagh Paratore

What Willa Doesn't Have This Summer
~Her boyfriend Joey (drat baseball camp!)
~Her best friend Tina (too busy with Ruby stalking cute lifeguards)
~Her new best friend Mariel (She's in NY with her mom)

What She Does Have:
~Strange British boy claiming 1) he's her half-brother and 2) their father might still be alive

Willa turns to her old standbys candy (you can't go wrong with taffy) and books to help her relax and deal with all this new complication.

What I thought: Another great installment in Willa's life. You know, her father has always been a hazy area in her life. I'm not surprised Coleen decided to develop it a bit. Even with a new brother, Willa seem very alone this summer. I think she shows great strength of character in dealing with Will. I continue to revel in the lovely small town-ness of Bramble. It's one of my top vacation destinations. Willa's Pix List is excellent as usual. I love that she continues to change the world around her for the good. She's an inspiration.

(Scholastic, 2010)

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