Wednesday, May 25, 2011

From Willa, With Love by Coleen Murtagh Paratore

Willa's summer continues to be eventful. She has a new brother who is convinced their dad is still alive. While she's waiting for her boyfriend Joey to return from baseball camp in Florida, another local boy catches her eye. The only problem--he's friends with Joey. Add to this some startling new about two friend and an overwhelming desire to make a difference. All in all, a typical situation for Willa.

What I thought: The Willa books keep getting better. The two things that most endear her to me is her love of books and her desire to make a difference. It's about time we have a love triangle. Willa and Joey were getting a bit too comfortable. Willa's latest Pix List is great as per usual. I've read 5 of the 11 books on it. Like the previous books in the series, From Willa, With Love is a perfect summer read. One of these days, I'm going visit Cape Cod.

(Scholastic, July 2011. ARC provided by publisher.)

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