Monday, May 9, 2011

The Morgue & Me by John C. Ford

Christopher's internship at the morgue is soon more than he bargained for. He discovers $15,000 cash in the medical examiner's office and that the recent stiff was murdered though the death certificate says suicide. Christopher's summer becomes one of intrigue as he teams up with a reporter to solve the mystery of the dead man and the money.

What I thought: A fast paced, suspenseful book. The plot was well constructed as I didn't guess "whodunit" until it was revealed. Christopher was a likable character. I wonder if he still wants to be a spy after the mess of his summer. As mysteries go, The Morgue & Me certainly fits into what's popular on TV and at the movies these days. Ergo, I think readers for this book and others like it do exist if we can only find them.

I read The Morgue & Me for the Edgar Awards Challenge.

(Viking, 2009)

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