Friday, May 6, 2011

#FlannelFriday: Five Little Bunnies

This is my first ever #FlannelFriday post and my first ever felt set. As a beginner, I like simple shapes. I'm hoping to branch out as I get more experience with making felt pieces for my flannel board. I found this post by Abby(the)Librarian to be very useful. Thanks, Abby!

You can find the rhyme I used here.

For Summer Reading, I'm working on a hot air balloon felt set that I'll use each week as we travel around the world.

P.S. I made the flannel board myself. I needed one that was small enough to be portable as I travel to four library branches. Thanks to Alison of Oopsey Daisy for the instructions. It has a few air bubbles, but it works. The next time I make a flannel board, I'm going to enlist another set of hands.


Sharon H said...

Hooray for first times! This is wonderful and I agree that using ellison/accucut dies are a great way to start! I love the cotton detail! It's great!

Welcome to flannel friday!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to #FlannelFriday, Bridget! I love your homemade flannel board. Super interested to see your hot air balloon one for summer reading too.

Melissa ZD said...

Welcome aboard! I think your puffy little tails show that it doesn't take much detail to make even a simple shape really pop. I am looking for a good portable flannelboard for our bookmobile librarian, so thanks for the link to the tutorial!

Bridget R. Wilson said...

Thanks guys! Sorry I've been so remiss in responding to your comments. I'm in throes of planning Summer Reading before I leave on vacation.

I was going to use cotton on the bunnies' tails, but wanted something that had more longevity. I used chopped up pompoms.