Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Werewolves raised her. After Bryn's parents' vicious death by a Rabid when she was only four, the Alpha Callum adopted and marked her. Bryn has no reason to distrust Callum until the day she finds a newly turned teen werewolf in his basement. Chase's comment haunts Bryn..."I was bit." The further discovery that Callum didn't kill the Rabid who destroyed her parents drives Bryn to bond herself to Chase. She turns her back on the pack and they her. With the help of a few devoted friends, Bryn sets out to find and kill the Rabid because the Werewolf Senate won't.

What I thought: This book is something different. I like different when it comes to paranormal. I couldn't put this book down. Bryn is a compelling narrator and heroine. Raised by Wolves is an unusual take on the usual werewolf story. Watching Bryn negotiate both the human and werewolf worlds was great. Her understanding of a world she's not truly a part of is excellent.

All the characters were interesting. (Ms. Barnes, can I tempt you into writing Callum's story. I'm sure there's one there. After all, he is a thousand or so years old.) Dev offers the comic relief. I look forward to seeing Bryn and Chase's relationship develop. This book was more about Bryn coming into her own than a romance. Maybe that's why it's so great. Melissa Marr (I really need to read her books!) gave Raised by Wolves a solid endorsement. I can't help but agree with her thought my knowledge of werewolf books is limited to Blood & Chocolate, Shiver, and Linger. I think Raised by Wolves is my favorite werewolf book at the moment.

(Egmont, 2010)

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