Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater

Sam struggles to adapt to his new permanent human skin. Grace still hopes that Olivia will return so they can cure her. Isabel is dealing with her guilt about her brother's death. Cole, one of the new wolves, is disgusted at being caught between wolf and guy. He wants nothing more than to lose himself in the wolf. When Grace gets sick, Sam, Isabel, and Cole unite to save her life. Can they find a cure before she dies?

What I thought: My first reaction/impression was that I didn't like Linger as much as I had Shiver. Too complicated, too many problems, and too many new characters/voices. Then I asked myself this question: Would I have enjoyed a book simply about Sam and Grace being in love, the wolf problem resolved? My honest answer would be no even though I am a sucker for happy endings. As I re-read Linger, I realized what Maggie was doing. In a planned trilogy, you have to introduce more conflict and characters to build the action and keep the story going. I liked the additional points-of-view (Isabel and Cole) though at times it made the narrative a little disjointed. Cole's inner turmoil was particularly well done. I loved watching him unfold as a character in the book. If I'm honest, I have to acknowledge that all the characters have inner turmoil. I'm still a strong supporter of Maggie's (were)wolf mythology. Her ideas about werewolves are innovative and thus immensely interesting. Linger ends with quite a cliffhanger. I have numerous questions that I will refrain from posing here to avoid spoilers. I hope all the loose ends are tied up in Forever (Book 3 in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series due out July 2011). Overall, a strong sequel to Shiver and it gives plenty of material on which Forever can build. What did you think of Linger?

(New York: Scholastic, July 2010. ARC provided by publisher.)

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