Friday, December 31, 2010

Forget Me Not by Coleen Murtagh Paratore

Willa Havisham's summers are never uneventful and this one is no different. She plans a wedding on her own. Willa and her boyfriend Joey must say goodbye for a whole month (drat baseball camp!). And her best friend Tina is spending more and more time with Ruby, Willa's number one frenemy.

What I thought: Watching Willa grow up is a pleasure. I've liked Willa ever since I first met her in The Wedding Planner's Daughter. Willa continues to love reading and is great at thinking on her feet. She may not be the most enduring character, but I know there's an audience just for her. You've seen them--the bookish girls who perhaps aren't always as quiet as the stereotype dictates. I loved Willa's reading list for the summer. I was glad to see the inclusion of several verse novels. I look forward to reading more about Willa's adventures. In fact, I can't wait after that cliffhanger ending.

(Scholastic, 2009)

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