Thursday, July 1, 2010

Reading Ramona Take 7

Book 7: Ramona Forever
First published in 1984, illustrated by Alan Tiegreen
182 pages, 10 chapters (New York: Avon Camelot)
Awards: Notable Children's Book

School takes a backseat to more interesting events in this installment of the Ramona series. Howie's Uncle Hobart returns to wreak havoc on Klickitat Street. He teases Ramona and generally makes a nuisance of himself. Mrs. Quimby is pregnant. Mr. Quimby has finished college but can't find a teaching position. Aunt Bea, wonderful Aunt Bea, is dating and GASP has agreed to marry Uncle Hobart. Can Ramona survive two new additions to the family?

What I thought: This book was a gem. Ramona deals well with all the changes in her life. There was a time when she wouldn't, but I'm proud top say that one of my favorite characters is growing up. This book has a lot of milestones in it. I can barely believe they would all fit in one book. A new baby, a wedding, staying home alone, and the death of a beloved family pet. In the midst of it all, Ramona remains the same--funny and endearing!

Favorite Quotes:
"sounds like a fairy tale and has camels" (3).
"Ramona had never seen such beautiful towels--big, thick, fluffy, and in soft, pretty colors. She stroked them, laid her cheek against them, traced her finder along the designs. They were truly towels to marry for" (128).
"She was winning at growing up" (182).

Activities from Ramona Forever:
Bicycle/unicycle riding
Something to do with Arabian Nights which is referenced a lot
Music making
Weddings (planning them, pretending to have one, etc.)
Names (Naming the newest Quimby...My Great Aunt Arizona by Gloria Houston is a picture book about the importance of names.)

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