Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jekel Loves Hyde by Beth Fantaskey

You've heard the story, seen the movie. Mild mannered Dr. Jekyll creates a potion and turns into his alter ego Mr. Hyde. Hyde does awful things. Things Dr. Jekyll can't remember. It's a struggle between good and evil.

Suppose it wasn't just a story. Suppose there really was a Dr. Jekyll and her really did create an evil alter ego. Fast forward one hundred plus years. Meet Jill Jekel, descended from the mild mannered Dr. Jekyll. Meet Tyler Hyde, descended from evil Mr. Hyde. Jill just wants to win the scholarship money. Tyler wants to kill the monster inside him. Can they succeed without hurting each other?

What I thought: I love books that play what if with classic literature. I've never actually read the original tale of Jekyll and Hyde, but this book makes me want to. I loved the alternate points-of-view. I don't think the story would have worked any other way. This book had many unexpected twists and turns. Most will read this book for what I did--to see the relationship between Jill and Tyler unfold. Tyler (with his beast/monster within) is the ultimate bad boy. What I liked most about this book is that it's different. It's not straight up paranormal romance. It's more modern realistic with a dash of sci-fi. Give this to your Twilight fans to expand their horizons.

(New York: Harcourt, May 2010. ARC provided by publisher.)

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