Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause

Klause, Annette Curtis. The Silver Kiss. New York: Laurel-Leaf, 1990.

Before Bella and Edward there was Zoe and Simon. Simon is a centuries old vampire who seeks to avenge his mother’s death. Zoe is just a girl, a girl with a dying mother. As Simon has already lost his mother, he can comfort Zoe as she faces the loss of hers. Likewise, she can help him find, trap, and kill his mother’s murderer.

What I thought: I admire the sensitivity and sensuality of Klause’s first novel. The Silver Kiss has depth and is blessed with brevity. The novel is short compared to Twilight, but I find it a much more engrossing read. I like Twilight, but I think Meyer could have said more with less. Fans of Twilight need to read The Silver Kiss and Hahn’s Look for Me By Moonlight to grasp the scope of vampire fiction.

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