Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stella, Unleashed by Linda Ashman

Ashman, Linda. Stella, Unleashed: Notes from the Doghouse. Illus. Paul Meisel. New York: Sterling, 2008.

Have you ever wondered what your canine companion thinks about during the day? What she would say if she could talk? In her own words, Stella relates her thoughts and opinions. She’s eloquent, articulate, and at times a little naughty.

What I thought: How I admire Stella’s eloquence and poetic language! Ashman delights readers with 29 poems from Stella’s point-of-view. My favorites are “The Drama Queen” and “Tea Time.” I also enjoyed “Someone for Each of Us” which reminds me of Pongo’s search for the perfect mate (for himself and Roger) in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. Meisel’s illustrations perfectly fit Ashman’s poems.

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