Saturday, May 2, 2009

Boy Proof

Castellucci, Cecil. Boy Proof. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick, 2005.

Who is Egg? A fan of the Sci-Fi flick Terminal Earth. (Can't you tell? She's renounced her given name and adopted the heroine's name as her own). She's the daughter of a small-time actress and a big-time "mask-maker, animatronic freak, monster and alien specialist, special-effects makeup wizard" (22-23). She draws. She's a photographer. She sometimes has better ideas than her dad. She's boy proof (just as her mom) and okay with it.

Egg knows who she is. Until Max enters the picture. He makes Egg question her identity.

What I thought: This was a brilliant book. Egg's voice is edgy and real. Even though I'm not much for Sci-Fi in any of its manifestations, the details were interesting and I could relate because I have some Egg-like friends. The theme of identity is strong and readers will relate. Every teen questions their identity at some point. Egg's no different. Neither am I. Or you (you know who you are).

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