Friday, January 11, 2019

Flannel Friday: Mr. Panda & Donuts

I made this set to go along with my Steve Antony storytime in the fall. I used this free template from A Cup of Thuy  to make the donuts. I made 12 little donuts and 5 big donuts. I used an illustration from Thank You, Mr. Panda to make the felt Mr. Panda. No puff paint on the donuts and just a little puff paint on Mr. Panda for his eyeballs.

I used this set with Carrrie's rhyme, but I ad-libbed some at the end. "Bridget picked the pink one." Oh, that's a good one. It's chocolate with raspberry. She took it home and she ate it all up."

I asked the kids what they had to say to get a donut from Mr. Panda...please and thank you. We also counted the donuts and talked about flavors.

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