Thursday, October 4, 2018

Teen Minute to Win It

I was originally inspired by Anne at So Tomorrow to host this event for my teens. You can find her posts here, here, here, and here. Jenni and Elizabeth have also posted about Minute To Win It programs.

I've hosted this event three times since 2014 with minor alterations each time.

The first time, I had the following challenges set up for my teens: Back Flip, Stack Attack, Don't Blow the Joker, A Bit Dicey, Floatacious, and Noodling Around.

The second time I replaced Noodling  Around with Baby Blockin'.

The third time, I did Back Flip, Stack Attack, A Bit Dicey, Stack It Up, Scoop It Up, Defy Gravity, Penny Hose, This Blows, Spoon Frog, and Tasty Bracelet. All the new challenges I added I found via Google and Pinterest.

Following Anne's lead I made signs for each challenge. This last time, I added the challenge directions to them.

My favorite challenge is A Bit Dicey.

This program is always fun and I usually add it to my schedule every couple of years.

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