Saturday, May 31, 2014

Giant Dance Party by Betsy Bird

Lexy loves to dance, but she's given it up. The problem: stage fright. Lexy can't bring herself to dance on stage in front of other people. She decides to teach dance. The problem: the only interested students are giants.

What I thought: A great story about something a lot of people struggle with...public speaking was my nemesis in middle school and high school. I love how being a teacher helps Lexy solver her own dilemma. Dorman's illustrations are bright, colorful, and appealing. I like the mixture of page layouts. The cover is my favorite illustration, but all the ones featuring the giants are great. Giant Dance Party would pair well with Rock 'n' Roll Mole by Carolyn Crimi.

Storytime Themes: Fears, Giants, Dance 

(Illus. Brandon Dorman. Greenwillow, 2013)

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