Friday, September 27, 2013

The Emily Sonnets: The Life of Emily Dickinson by Jane Yolen

A glimpse into Emily Dickinson's life via sixteen sonnets.

What I thought: How appropriate to write a biography of Emily Dickinson in poems. All the poems were insightful, giving glimpses into the famous poet's life. I've long been a fan of Emily Dickinson and her poetry. One day, I hope to read every poem she ever wrote. My favorite poems in this collection are "Emily's Dog," "Our Fairy Aunt," and "Emily After." Kelley's illustrations are dark in hue and yet set just the right tone--fitting for the time period. My favorite illustrations are the dog, bookish frigate, and fairy aunt. The notes section was interesting and left me wanting to know even more about Emily Dickinson.

(Illus. Gary Kelley. Creative Editions, 2012)

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