Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nobody's Secret by Michaela MacColl

A chance encounter with a charismatic young man who prefers not to reveal his name is a change of pace from the usual for teenage Emily Dickinson. Aghast when "Mr. Nobody" is found dead in the pond, Emily works to discover his identity--she owes him that much. What she finds is something much more sinister...a murder.

What I thought: Fantastic book! Of course the author invented Emily Dickinson's encounter with Mr. Nobody, but her portrayal of the famous poet is quite accurate. I loved the mystery element. The author's note and further reading section left me wanting to know more about Emily Dickinson. I like Michaela MacColl's style (blending historical fact into an engaging story) and look forward to reading her other books.

(Chronicle, 2013)

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