Thursday, September 12, 2013

Clementine & the Spring Trip by Sara Pennypacker

Clementine #6

Spring has come to Boston and Clementine couldn't be more excited. Her apple tree has sprouted, a new baby is on the way, and her class is going on a field trip. But Clementine worries about the fourth graders' no eating sounds rule. She's also not sure if she likes the new girl Olive.

What I thought: Another delightful installment in the Clementine series. I like her almost as much as Ramona. Sara Pennypacker perfectly captures Clementine's age and the worries that go along with it. Things I want to do after reading this book: read May Way for Ducklings and draw a bird. (Draw a Bird Day--what a great holiday!) I look forward to the next adventure which I'm sure will detail the birth of the new baby and Clementine's vegetarianism.

(Illus. Marlee Frazee. Disney Hyperion, 2013)

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