Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Reading Week 8

This week I had 22 events with a total attendance of 339. 

Here's a breakdown of the week:
  • 5 community story times
  • 4 community school age events
  • 2 day camp story time
  • 8 day camp school age events
  • 2 movies
  • 1 special event (Alice in Wonderland Event)
This week the story time theme was Digging Machines. Loved reading the new book Dig, Dogs, Dig: A Construction Tail by James Horvath.  The school age event theme was Digging Up Trouble with Tricksters. I enjoyed sharing trickster tales from both America and other countries. The activities suggested by Beyond the Book Storytimes Blog (tricky photographs, tricky nature, and tricky words) were fabulous. Librarian friends on Twitter suggested a few tricky games: Duck, Duck, Goose and Trickster Says. The 2nd Alice in Wonderland Event had a low attendance. I'm beginning to wish that I had just used it as one of  my weekly themes.

Next week, I also have 22 events that include my last Alice in Wonderland Event for ages 7-12 and the last visits from the day camps. Reading logs are due next week and events end. The 10th week is presentation of certificates & prize bags as well as the grand prize drawing.

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